Let me introduce you the ‘Alex Stuart Group’. I’m so fortunate to record my new album “Aftermath” with my friends and some of Paris’ finest musicians, Irving Acao on tenor saxophone and keyboards, Arno de Casanove on trumpet , Ouriel Ellert on bass and Antoine Banville on drums, they have given their musicality and heart to make this project happen, and I couldn’t be happier with where we are taking the music.

Who are they ?


Irving Acao, on top of being an absolute virtuoso on the saxophone he’s also an amazing groover. He has a huge rhythmic feel that sits perfectly in my music which is extremely groove oriented. He’s toured with some of the greats including Chucho Valdes and Tony Allen. He featured on my last album ‘Place to Be



Arno De Casanove is an extremely versatile, intensely melodic and poetic trumpet player. He’s an artist who’s open to many different musics which is one of the reasons musically we get along so well. He plays with some amazing Paris based musicians including Etienne Mbappe and Lou Tavano and has toured with De La Soul amongst others.




Ouriel Ellert is an incredible bass player. Once again the words groove and versatility come to mind. He has huge world music culture which means he can tour with groups as diverse as Les Yeux Noir (Eastern European Gypsy Music) and Mamani Keita (Malian Singer). He’s also a very melodic musician. Look out for his great group the ‘Nowhere Trio’!’




Antoine Banville also featured on my last album ‘Place to Be‘. As well as being an outstanding groover he’s also also an amazing colourist on the drums. He has a huge array of colours and sounds to delight the ears. He’s very open to diverse art forms and I think that comes out in his drumming.




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