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Special Offer 1. For only 29.99$ USD (instead of 82.99$ USD) I’d like to offer you a package which includes:

– digital download of my first album ‘Waves’

–  digital download of the album ‘Alex Stuart Quartet live at Festival Jazz en Scènes 2012’ (featuring the burning saxophone work of French jazz star Guillaume Perret)

– sheet music for the albums ‘Place to Be’, ‘Around’ and ‘Waves’

– my home recorded demo tracks for ‘Place to Be’, these give you a real insight into the composition process

– ‘Groove Stance’ debut EP. Groove Stance is my old school soul/jazz/funk trio (featuring only original compositions, if you’re a fan of The Meters you’ll love this)

– ‘Pinball’ debut EP. Pinball is my instrumental prog/post rock project featuring the beautiful work of Australian violinist Melissa Cox

– live recording of the ‘Alex Stuart Australian Quartet’ live at the ANU in 2012 in Canberra, Australia

– ‘Standards Session’ recording with the Alex Stuart/Stephen Bishop/Gerard McFadden Trio, one of the rare occasions I play jazz standards

– video footage of the ‘Alex Stuart ‘Place to Be’ Quintet playing at Paris’ legendary jazz club The Sunset/Sunside in January 2015

– bootleg recording of the earliest version of my quintet playing at the Sunset/Sunside in 2006, fun record of my early Paris days

– rudimentary home recording from 2006 of my old and fun guitar/guitar/drums project TANG!, featuring covers of tunes such as ‘Can’t Touch This’, ‘Jungle Boogie’, ‘Feelgood Inc’ … 🙂

All for 29.99$ USD, this would normally go for 82.99$ USD, click on the order button just below to get the package.

Special Offer 2. Or for 49.99$ USD (instead of 132.99$ USD) receive the package mentioned above along with signed copies of the ‘Place to Be’ and ‘Around’ CDs and a ‘Waves’ download card. Click on the order button just below to get Special Offer 2.
Place to Be + Waves + Around

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