Place to Be

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1. Little Black Lion
2. Viet Crew
3. Snow Falling on the Crests of the Waves
4. Place to Be
5. Where Is the Line (Bjork)
6. Cuttagee, Wapengo
7. Pour Vous
8. Mi

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NOUVELLE VAGUE MAGAZINE – “His new album ‘Place to Be’ is without doubt one of the best jazz albums of the year. 5/5 stars”

ALEX DUTILH – FRANCE MUSIQUE – “Absolutely superb… music that shimmers!”

MAITRE CHRONIQUE – “A great journey through India, Africa, Asia and South America!”

MICHEL CONTAT – TELERAMA – “His original style, as fluid as it is inventive and marked by rock, works wonders in Place to Be, his just released 3rd album”

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD – “Rhythmically complex and multifaceted”

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